REHVA Journal 01/13: Special issue on airtightness

TightVent has contributed to the REHVA Journal special issue on airtightness of January 2013. rj1301_cover_300ppi

Airtightness related articles include:

  • Building and ductwork airtightness – a critical factor for nearly zero energy buildings
  • Summary of the AIVC-TightVent conference 2012:
    Ventilation and health track – Willem de Gids
    Ventilative cooling track – Per Heiselberg
    Airtightness track – Arnold Janssens
  • Interviews: Industry visions on R&D for better buildings in the future – Lone Feifer, Claus Bugge Garn, Lars-Ake Mattsson
  • Proper building preparation for envelope airtightness testing – Christophe Delmotte
  • Performing intermediate checks and early-stage testing of airtightness – Tormod Aurlien
  • Research into the effect of improving airtightness in a typical UK dwelling – Rob Coxon
  • Swedish experience with airtight ductwork – Johnny Andersson
  • Ductwork airtightness requirements in Portugal – Eduardo Maldonado and Fernando Brito
  • Evaluation of air leakage and its influence on thermal demands of office buildings in Madrid – Jordi Pascual, Aleksander Ivancic, Maria Casanova, Oscar Camara and Damien Tavan

Download full-text complete pdf version of journal here:  1/2013 (pdf)
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