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Date Title Material
25 April, 2019 Ductwork airtightness measurements: protocols
25 January, 2018 Ductwork airtightness: Standardisation’s on- going work and an overview of status and trends in Sweden, Japan, Spain and Portugal
12 January, 2016 Building airtightness and initiatives to improve the quality of the works
20 November, 2014 Airtightness testing part 3: Status and trends in competent tester schemes in Denmark, Ireland and Sweden
22 November, 2013 Airtightness testing part 2: Status and trends in competent tester schemes in Germany, the Czech Republic and France
14 November, 2013 Airtightness Testing part 1: Status and trends in competent tester schemes in the UK and Belgium
8 October, 2013 Building Airtightness Solutions: System approach and characterisation of  air barrier and moisture management systems
1 July, 2013 Building and Ductwork Airtightness: Legislative Drivers, New Concerns and New Approaches
4 June, 2013 Building Airtightness Solutions: Recent Research and Characterisation of Sealants and Tapes
25 May, 2012 The need for structured air leakage databases in energy conservation in buildings policies
11 April, 2012 Interlaboratory tests for the determination of repeatability and reproducibility of airtightness measurements.
16 March, 2012 Experimental study of supply-only ventilation effectiveness
13 December, 2011 Flow Balancing – Demonstration of “Mini Balance” Spreadsheet
9 November, 2011 Achieving better envelope in practice – Norway
21 June, 2011 Airtightness and ventilation perspectives in Romania