Build Tight Ventilate Right

Reasons behind TightVent Europe

  • Envelope and ductwork airtightness represent a major challenge for the wide-scale implementation of nearly zero-energy buildings
  • There is a growing interest for envelope and ductwork airtightness, because of evidence of energy and IAQ impacts, but:
    • There is a lack of a good understanding of the present status, challenges and experience
    • In less than 10 years from now, probably the majority of new European buildings will have to be assessed in terms of airtightness. It is far from clear now how this can be achieved in a cost effective way and with the support of the major stakeholders
  • If well prepared and carefully implemented, the increased attention to airtightness will result in substantial improvements in the energy efficiency while guaranteeing good indoor climate and it might also be a driver for innovation
  • If the appropriate conditions are not achieved, airtightness might be seen as another burden for the building sector without much added value
  • Through a European collaboration in the context of TightVent, we believe that substantial progress can be achieved

Why does industry participate to TightVent Europe

  • To share positions with other industries and stakeholders and thereby bring a clear message to policy-makers and building professionals with a greater impact
  • To learn about initiatives in training, regulations, research, etc. as meeting point of airtightness related activities
  • To give TightVent Europe the required critical mass and impact
  • To steer and guide TightVent’s activities as there clearly is a lot of knowledge among industry

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