Reasons behind TightVent Europe

  • Envelope and ductwork airtightness represent a major challenge for the wide-scale implementation of nearly zero-energy buildings. Moreover, deep energy renovation of the existing building stock becomes a key challenge.
  • There is a growing interest for envelope and ductwork airtightness, because of evidence of energy and IAQ impacts, but:
    • Whereas progress in airtightness levels in new buildings have been achieved during recent years in many countries, a continued attention to building and ductwork airtightness (1) is necessary specifically for the existing building stock.
    • Appropriate regulations and stimuli, design and execution support, and quality issues are real challenges.
  • If well prepared and carefully implemented, the increased attention to airtightness in combination with increased emphasis on health and well-being (2) and green house gas emissions reduction (3), will result in substantial improvements in the energy efficiency while guaranteeing good indoor climate. It might also be a driver for innovation.
  • As a result, the expression ‘Build Tight – Ventilate Right’ remains a major challenge for the existing building stock (4).
  • If the appropriate conditions are not achieved, airtightness might be seen as another burden for the building sector without much added value.
  • Through a European collaboration in the context of TightVent, we believe that substantial progress can be achieved.


Why does industry participate to TightVent Europe

  • To share positions with other industries and stakeholders and thereby bring a clear message to policy-makers and building professionals with a greater impact
  • To learn about initiatives in training, regulations, research, etc. as meeting point of airtightness related activities
  • To give TightVent Europe the required critical mass and impact
  • To steer and guide TightVent’s activities as there clearly is a lot of knowledge among industry


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