34th AIVC- 3rd TightVent: 170 participants!

Around 170 participants attended the joint 34th AIVC – 3rd TightVent- 2nd Cool Roofs’ – 1st venticool conference held in Athens, September 25-26, 2013! The programme consisted of five parallel sessions with contributions from 27 countries and international organizations. Over 160 presentations were given covering topics ranging from ventilation system performance & indoor air quality, ventilative cooling and airtightness issues to cool roofs. It has been a major discussion place for on-going projects and initiatives (e.g., the new IEA EBC annex 62 on ventilative cooling, the venticool platform, TightVent, Active House, etc.), based on presentations of results and perspectives as well as fruitful interactions with the audience.

Specific sessions dealing with airtightness included:

  • Airtightness: Collection and analysis of field data
  • Quality of ventilation systems
  • Methods for characterizing airtightness – Durability

More information will follow soon including a summary of the airtightness track and links with selected recorded presentations!

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