Certified Air Tightness Tester Scheme NSAI in Ireland

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) operates a registration scheme that certifies testers to I.S. EN 13829:2000 – Thermal Performance of Buildings – Determination of Air Permeability of Domestic Buildings – (Single or Single & Multi) Fan Pressurization Method.

Under this scheme NSAI’s inspectors:

  • assess the operations and procedures of airtightness testers;
  • witness an airtightness test against the requirements of I.S. EN 13829:2000;
  • carry out an assessment of a number of airtightness test reports;
  • ensure that appropriate records are maintained for completed tests;
  • ascertain that test equipment is adequately maintained and under calibration;
  • ensure that health & safety documentation is in place.

The NSAI Certificate of Registration is obtained once the tester is in compliance with the scheme requirements and is then approved by the inspectors.

For more information visit: http://www.nsai.ie/Agrement-Certification/Product-Certification-for-Air-Tightness-Testing.aspx

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