Eurovent certification programme for ventilation ducts

Eurovent Certita Certification is pleased to announce the launch of a new certification programme for Ventilation Ducts (DUCT).

The DUCT programme has been developed in 2015-2016 with the support of a dedicated launching committee.

The first release of the Operational Manual (OM) and Rating Standards (RS) apply to rigid and semi-rigid ventilation ductwork systems divided into the following sub-programmes:

  • Rigid metallic ductwork systems with circular cross-section (DUCT-MC)
  • Rigid metallic ductwork systems with rectangular cross-section (DUCT-MR)
  • Semi-rigid non-metallic ductwork systems predominantly made of plastics (DUCT-P)

All ranges of products that fall into the relevant sub-programme scope and are promoted by the Applicant/Participant shall be certified. The “certify-all” principle applies not only to Europe but to all markets.

The certification programme is based on product performance testing by independent laboratories as well as manufacturing facility auditing. The product performance testing will enable the verification of the following ratings accuracy:

  • Air tightness class (all sub-programmes)
  • Positive and negative pressure limits (all sub-programmes)
  • Dimensions (DUCT-MC and DUCT-MR)
  • Minimum and maximum service temperatures (DUCT-P)
  • Resistance to external pressure (DUCT-P)

Air leakage and strength testing shall be conducted in accordance with EN 12237:2003 (DUCT-MC and DUCT-P) or EN 1507:2006 (DUCT-MR).

For tests related to service temperatures and resistance to external pressure (DUCT-P) the method is described in the Rating Standard RS 2/C/004P-2016.

Manufacturers of ventilation ducts are invited to contact ECC at for any further information.

Publication of certified data is available at

by Dr. Sylvain Courtey, Managing Director, Eurovent Certita Certification

Eurovent Certita Certification is a major European certification body in the field of HVAC-R, operating 38 certification programmes and generating about € 12 million in turnover. Eurovent Certita Certification provides voluntary third part certification services on the full range of HVAC-R products, whatever their final use, either in residential domestic buildings or in industrial facilities for instance. Eurovent Certita Certification is offering various certification schemes tailored to the needs of manufacturers and stakeholders on their specific markets. It focuses on certifying products’ performances as well as data needed to implement regulations. The main quality marks currently proposed are the marks “Eurovent certified performance”, NF, CSTBat, and the European Keymark. On a market ever more demanding in terms of energy performances and environmental challenges, Eurovent Certita Certification supplies certified data at a European level and provides the needed confidence.

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