MEZ-AEROSEAL is a unique technology for the efficient and effective sealing of air duct systems from the inside out. Since 2015, the AEROSEAL process has been used in more than 200 projects throughout Europe (Fig. 1). As an integrative component in the construction of new ventilation systems, it guarantees and meets maximum tightness requirements for ventilation systems. When renovating or retrofitting existing ventilation systems, AEROSEAL seals the air duct system quickly, efficiently and reliably up to the desired air tightness class. MEZ-AEROSEAL has been successfully used at restaurants, public facilities, hospitals, industry and residential buildings (Fig. 2). MEZ-AEROSEAL was able to achieve a project growth of average 33% per year throughout Europe. Finally, it can be said that the AEROSEAL process is an important part on the way to achieve energy efficiency goals throughout Europe. More information at:

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