New guide by BSRIA | Floor Plenum Airtightness – Guidance and Testing Methodology (BG65/2016)

This new guide, released by the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), focuses on energy efficiency issues and users’ discomfort related to the air leakage of floor plenums (void between a building’s floor structure and a raised access floor, used for distributing conditioned air to the spaces above), and recommends worst acceptable criteria. According to the document, appropriate limits should be included within design specifications and measured on site to demonstrate compliance. Distinctions are made between plenum leakage (air leakage to adjacent spaces) and raised access floor leakage (uncontrolled air leakage into conditioned zones). The guide gives a testing methodology for both plenum leakage and raised access floor leakage, and provides guidance on achieving both.

For further information please visit the BSRIA website.

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