TightVent welcomes MEZ-TECHNIK as new partner

downloadMEZ-TECHNIK is a worldwide operating family business known for a wide range of innovative solutions and services for high end commercial air duct systems. We work together with consultants, air duct manufacturers, installers, duct cleaners and energy efficiency companies. MEZ offers manufacturing products, installation materials, chemical products, software solutions and air duct cleaning equipment to the market. Since the revolutionary invention of the MEZ-FLANGE-SYSTEM to connect rectangular ductwork by a flange system, we constantly push and change the market and it’s methods of manufacturing and installation on the behalf of better and more efficient rectangular air duct systems. As exclusive representative of AEROSEAL LLC, our sealing technology currently transforms the ductwork process chain to the next most effective and efficient level which you can reach in air duct systems today again. With our unique sealing technology we care about the retrofit of existing ventilation systems in Europe, in the same way we do for new constructions and reduce leakage of air duct systems to nearly zero including all components of a system. By doing this, we can provide a high benefit in terms of IAQ improvement and CO2 reduction in the world.

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