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The TightVent Airtightness Associations Committee (TAAC) has met 25 times since the committee’s launch in September 2012. The TAAC working group includes formal or informal groups of airtightness testers from several countries as well as TightVent gold and diamond partners. 13 European countries are currently represented in the working group. The objectives of the working group are to:

  • gather stakeholders from as many countries as possible;
  • facilitate exchange between countries;
  • share experience and knowledge;
  • compare approaches.

In 2017, TAAC performed a comparison of building and ductwork airtightness requirements in Europe through a questionnaire sent to all TAAC participants. The results showed how awareness on building airtightness has grown in the last 5 years in Europe, as opposed to ductwork airtightness which is not taken into account in most European countries. Results of this study have been published and presented during the AIVC conference in Nottingham [].

The agenda of the last TAAC meetings included:

  • presentations of research projects, e.g. studies performed on the durability of airtightness;
  • presentations of new measurement devices e.g. the pulse technique (presented by Xiaofeng Zheng from the University of Nottingham);
  • the share of experience regarding tests in unusual buildings, e.g. during last TAAC meeting presentations were made by Retrotec and Blowerdoor Gmbh on devices and advice for testing very tight and/or very small buildings.

The next TAAC meeting will focus on ductwork airtightness. A presentation of the Aeroseal Technologie by MEZ-TECHNIK and the context in France and the UK is foreseen.

In case you are interested to obtain further information and/or join us, please write an email to

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