12-13 October 2011, Conference, Brussels – “32nd AIVC and 1st TightVent Conference: Towards Optimal Airtightness Performance”

  • The theme of this conference was “Towards optimal airtightness performance”.
  • Download the programme.

Some key figures:

  • Over 160 participants
  • 68 abstracts submitted and peer-reviewed
  • 8 persons in the organization committee
  • 12 referees for peer-review
  • 26 experts invited for specific talks
  • 6 topical sessions.

The topical sessions included talks from experts on subjects identified by the organization committee. The 6 topics selected were:

  • Philosophy for defining airtightness requirements
  • Development of air leakage databases
  • How tight and insulated ducts should be?
  • Quality frameworks for airtightness assessment
  • Night ventilation and cooling
  • Sensors for demand–controlled ventilation

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