The conference organizers  offered to the attendees the opportunity to register to technical visits of shining examples of energy conservation in buildings and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The visit took place October 9th between 14:50 and 19:00 with bus transfer between the sites.

The tour included technical visits of the following sites:

Green Lighthouse:
The project is part of “Model Home 2020” which aims at demonstrating that it is possible to reach the 2020 energy targets while devoting a special attention to liveability (indoor comfort, especially thanks to ventilation and daylight) and respecting the environment.

Green Lighthouse, photo Adam Mørk

Osram Culture Centre:
A very attractive energy and indoor climate renovation of a former industrial building, now in use as a cultural centre as part of a neighbourhood renewal project.

Osram Culture Centre

Technical University of Denmark International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy:
ICIEE is a world leading research and dissemination organisation whose mission is to serve to achieve healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments with minimal energy consumption.

Technical University of Denmark, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy