8-9 May 2015, Conference, Kassel – “9th International BUILDAIR Symposium”

TightVent is very pleased to continue its collaboration with BUILDAIR initiated in 2011. The BUILDAIR Symposium has been for over 20 years a major event on airtightness issues in Germany.

The 9th International BUILDAIR-Symposium offers a variety of presentations and first-hand accounts of experiences in planning and practicing air tightness measurements, quality controls, thermographies and ventilation systems. The top conference in the field this year once again speaks to all practitioners as craftsmen, contractors, energy consultants, planners, and architects. In your contributions, you may pass on and explain basic as well as expert knowledge in the fields of airtightness of the building envelope, ventilation, and quality assurance.

For more information visit: www.buildair.eu

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