TightVent welcomes new partners

Since its inauguration, TightVent has welcome several new partners:

Aeroseal offers an effective solution for testing and sealing ductwork leakage from the inside using a water-based sealant.  The Aeroseal application is capable of sealing new and existing ductwork in commercial and residential buildings. Aeroseal’s aerosol ductwork sealing technology was invented and developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1994. Aeroseal is looking forward to creating a long lasting relationship with TightVent Europe, and maintaining high efficiency within buildings.  Aeroseal
Since 1989, BlowerDoor GmbH has been a pioneer in the fields of airtightness, especially airtightness measurements, and BlowerDoor product design in Europe. Synergies in engineering, product development and training have made the Minneapolis BlowerDoor a high quality device for air tightness measurements all over the world. BlowerDoor GmbH actively supports TightVent to achieve a good and durable quality in building air tightness as one important criterion to reach the ambitious goals of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) recast.
Since 1980, Retrotec has pioneered the manufacture of advanced air permeability measurement equipment and analysis software. Retrotec has for many years been actively involved in the development of new standards for ISO and NFPA fire suppressant containment standards and large building testing standards for the US Army Corps of Engineers. With its renown experience and high-quality systems used in over 60 countries around the world, Retrotec looks forward to contributing its expertise to help reach TightVent’s ambitious goals.

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